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Download update from version, published before 2014 to 2015 version of the PilotsReference Guide©. (Only major changes are added) The PDF file is locked. Use the ISBN of the PilotsReference Guide© hardcover to open the file. (Softcover ISBN 3000166866, hardcover ISBN 9783000241727, ebook ISBN 9783000385728 Download PRG Update to 2015.pdf
Open Source Calculator
Download an open source aviation calculator. It contains Pitot/Static, Turn and Airpeed/Mach crossover calculation spreadsheets. Download calculator.numbers (0,17MB) Download calculator.xlsx (0,17MB)
Animated gif
Download a complete preview of the Pilot's Reference Guide© as animated .gif file. It contains all Pages of the actual book in low resolution.(Except table of contents and keyword index) Download animated GIF (3,2MB)
Download the predecessor of the PilotsReference Guide© for free! The PilotsReference Checklist© Version 3.1 is a very compressed version of the book. It contains many useful graphs and formulas!
(Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.0 or higher)
Download PilotsReference Checklist©
Download update from versions, published before 2008 to 2014 of the PilotsReference Guide©. (Only new pages added) The PDF file is locked. Use the ISBN of the PilotsReference Guide© to open the file. Download PRG_Update2_4to3_1.pdf
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