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Legal Information, Terms and Conditions

Owner later referred to as PilotsReference.com:

Michael Grossrubatscher
D-81539 Munich
Germany / EC


Phone: +49-1795915877
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§ 1 Range of Application

Each contractual relationship between PilotsReference.com (in the entity of Michael Grossrubatscher) and any customer shall be governed these Terms and Conditions. The written consent of PilotsReference.com only indicates the recognition of individual contractual conditions. A contractual relationship between PilotsReference.com and a commercial interest customer can be subject to an individual written agreement.

§ 2 Conclusion of Contract

The order of a customer is understood as an offer to PilotsReference.com to conclude a contract. The contract comes off by PilotsReference.com accepting the offer explicitly or sending the product(s) ordered. A confirmation of the order (e.g. by email) does not express the consent of PilotsReference.com to conclude a contract. The customers confirm to agree with the PilotsReference.com "Terms and Conditions" by submitting an offer to conclude a contract.

§ 3 Revocation

Private, non commercial customers from the European Union are entitled to revoke the contract without indication of reasons within a period of two weeks after declaration of an offer to conclude a contract. The revocation is to be declared to PilotsReference.com, Michael Grossrubatscher, Tegernseer Landstr.174a, D-81539 München or via email to Michael@PilotsReference.com There shall be no right of revocation for books and data carriers (e.g. CD) when the sealing and/or shrink wrap is opened and/or broken. PilotsReference.com assumes that the contents of print publications and data carriers have been copied if the sealing and/or shrink wrapping is broken. The right of the customer deriving from the delivery of wrongful products remains unaffected.

§ 4 Shipping

PilotsReference.com will ship the goods to the address indicated by the customer. Delivery dates are not compulsory.

§ 5 Payments, Delay and Reminder

The customer shall pay the purchase price ex ante by bank transfer, by cash on delivery or ex ante by PayPal®. If delivery is carried out before payment, PilotsReference.com is entitled to demand default interests of 5% above the European Central Bank base interest rate p.a. in case of late payment after sending a reminder. The right of PilotsReference.com to ask for further compensation remains unaffected. PilotsReference is entitled to charge 3.00 Euros for every reminder. Legal costs resulting from late payment will be imposed on the customer.

§ 6 Reservation of Title

The products delivered remain property of PilotsReference.com until they are completely paid for.

§ 7 Licenses

All licenses given by PilotsReference.com are limited to personal use of the customer and are not transferable to third parties. Reselling any PilotsReference.com products requires a separate written agreement. The customer may not resell PilotsReference.com products governed by license. The customer may not use PilotsReference.com products for commercial seminars. This applies to all versions of the PilotsReference.com products, all update versions for PilotsReference.com products and all future products offered by PilotsReference.com. The PilotsReference Guide, Checklist and ATPL review APP in total or in or parts must not be copied, multiplied or digitized in any way. PilotsRerference.com and its licensed resellers shall be the only sources of the PilotsReference Guide.

§ 8 Special Usage Limitations for the PilotsReference.com Image CD

The PilotsReference.com Image CD contains Images from the PilotsReference Guide book. The Image CD is licensed to a physical customer. It cannot be licensed to a legal person. The name of the licensee is written on the CD and the CD booklet. The images must not be altered in any way. The branding "Copyright by PilotsReference.com" or "© PilotsReference.com" must not be removed. The images from the PilotsReference.com Image CD can be used for commercial seminars and courses if the lecturer and the licensee is the same physical person. The licensee may insert the images in presentations that he presents himself. The images may also be inserted in printed material that is handed out to the participants of the commercial course or seminar that paid a fee to hear the course. The PilotsReference.com Images must not be inserted in any print or other publication that: contains more than 50 pages, in the final format is smaller than size A4 or US letter, is bonded together, carries an International Standard Book Number (ISBN), is sold independently of a course or seminar held by the licensee, is published on the internet. The licensee must reference the source of the PilotsReference.com Images, additionally to the copyright remark on each individual image, close to each image or in the end or beginning of the presentation with at least the text "Excerpt from PilotsReference Guide, by Michael Grossrubatscher, ISBN 3-00-016686-6, PilotsReference.com". The licensee may insert up to 10 images from the PilotsReference.com Image CD on advertising material, published in print or otherwise to advertise for his commercial seminars or courses. The images included in this advertising material have to carry the branding "Copyright by PilotsReference.com" or "© PilotsReference.com" only as long as the images are large enough that the branding can be read without auxiliary means in the final format. The PilotsReference.com Images must not be inserted in any software that is sold or distributed for free (computer based training ? CBT and mobile devices application ? APP)

§ 9 Exclusion of Warranty

The uninterrupted accessibility and functionality of the PilotsReference.com website, and the accessibility to contact PilotsReference.com via post, telephone, fax, internet or email are not guaranteed.

§ 10 Limitation of Liability

PilotsReference.com and private and commercial entities related to PilotsReference.com shall not be held liable for damages to customer or a third party caused by failure, maintenance, virus attacks or other impairment of the PilotsReference.com products or the PilotsReference.com website as far as those have not been caused PilotsReference.com. PilotsReference.com shall not be held liable in case of simple negligence. PilotsReference.com shall not become subject of claims regarding the compensation of damages or consequential damages, financial impairments and third party claims against PilotsReference.com as far as law permits the limitation of liability. PilotsReference.com shall not become subject of claims regarding the compensation of legal costs as far as law permits the limitation of liability. Any airplane system description in any PilotsReference.com publication shows an imaginary system principle. It does not reflect any real systems. Even when a system is depicted within a graphic that looks like a real specific type of airplane the descriptions in this book will never reflect the real system or the location of any parts or systems. Figures, properties, graphs and tables are of qualitative nature only. All Material, print and digital, as distributed by PilotsReference.com is for training purposes only. This book, app or image CD never replaces or supplements any technical, regulatory or airlines manuals. PilotsReference.com excludes any guarantee for the trueness and completeness of the contents of any of its publications. Incidental similarities in text and picture with other books, publications and scripts are not desired. Despite careful control, we cannot assume any liability for the content of the linked pages on PilotsReference.com.

§ 11 Privacy Statement

Personal data are kept confidential and will not passed to third parties who are not direct part of the transaction.

§ 12 Governing Law

Each contractual relationship between PilotsReference.com and a customer shall be governed by Germany law only. The UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) shall not become governing law in any case.

§ 13 Place of Jurisdiction

Place of jurisdiction shall be the Court of München (Amtsgericht München, Pacellistr. 5, D-80333 München, Germany).

§ 14 Salvatory Clause

If a paragraph or a sentence of these terms and conditions does not comply with law, therefore is or becomes invalid or unenforceable, this shall not affect the validity or enforceability of other paragraphs and sentences of these terms and conditions. A paragraph that does not comply with law shall be replaced by a regulation that matches its economic intension in a legal manner. Regulation gaps shall be closed by taking economic intensions of these terms and conditions into account. ↑ top
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