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General Description

The heavy duty, high power clipboard mechanic on the outer top and the inner side makes up the patented design of the PilotsReference Binder™. Work the papers of your current flight on top of the closed binder. Open the binder to work the papers of your consecutive flight while you have all forms, weather information and NOTAMs next to you for instant access. Never run out of pens and have your favorite pen at your favorite spot at all times. The PilotsReference Binder™ features 9 pen holders at all possible places.


Dimensions: 318/265/45mm (12,5/10,4/1,8 inch)
Weight: 830g (1,83 lbs)
Interior: 2 clipboard and 4 hole binder mechanics, all heavy duty by ?Krause?
Material: Black leather
Included in delivery: 10 color coded sheet protector bags (5 different colors), 2 high capacity sheet protector bags (one for sideward and one for top access), Credit card holder for 10 cards and CD holder for 3 CDs. Pens, paper, PilotsReference Guide, certificates and credit cards are not included in delivery.
Shipping Dimensions: 370/270/60 mm, 2kg (14,6/10,7/2,4 inch - 4,4 lbs)
Retail Price EUR 149,-

Handmade in Germany!

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