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All three cover options of the PilotsReference Guide© contain the same information. The hardcover version is more durable than the softcover. The leather cover issue grants the highest durability for the PilotsReference Guide©.

PilotsReference Guide© Softcover
ISBN 3-00-016686-6

Dimensions: 210/148/20 mm (8,3/5,7/0,8 inch)
Weight: 0,45kg (1,00lbs)
Paper: 100g/mē
Cover: Film coated paper board
Shipping Dimensions: 250/170/30 mm - 0,5kg (9,9/4,1/1,2 inch - 1,1 lbs)
Retail Price EUR 69,-

PilotsReference Guide© Hardcover
ISBN 978-3-00-024172-7

Dimensions: 210/148/20 mm (8,3/5,7/0,8 inch)
Weight: 0,5kg (1,1lbs)
Paper: 110g/mē
Cover: Hardcover
Shipping Dimensions: 250/170/30 mm - 0,7kg (9,9/4,1/1,2 inch - 1,5 lbs)
Retail Price EUR 99,-

PilotsReference Guide© in Leather Cover
ISBN 978-3-00-025252-5

With PilotsReference Guide© Hardcover edition; and PilotsReference Checklist© printed and bonded in high Quality.
Protect your PilotsReference Guide© from the daily stress with a customized leather cover:
  • The book cover sheets are inserted underneath the two leather tabs.
  • The cover can be fully closed with a zipper for better protection.
  • Two leather pockets embedded in the outside carry all printed PDF updates to the PilotsReference Guide© as well as personal notes and business cards
Dimensions: 225/165/25 mm (8,9/6,5/1inch)
Weight: 0,6kg (1,4lbs)
Paper: 100g/mē
Cover: Film coated paper board
Outside Cover: genuine Black leather
Interior: Two embedded outside pockets and inside penholder
Shipping dimensions: 300/200/45 mm ? 1,0kg (12/7,9/1,8 inch ? 2,2 lbs)
Retail Price EUR 169,-

All Made in Germany!

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